Linda Fink Williams

Profile Updated: October 19, 2019
Residing In Chicago, IL USA
Occupation Feng Shui Consultant
Children Gillian, born 1982

Lived in 6 different states and after divorce decided to come "home" to Sweet Chicago. Have always been a bit of a "hummingbird" with several careers but loving Feng Shui and have stayed with it longer than anything else. I'm gobbling up Chicago, taking as much pleasure from all the city has to offer as I possibly can. Volunteer with "The Saints", so I get to see tons of theatrical productions.
Life is good!

School Story

I don't know why this popped into my head...there was some kind of student fair. I remember working at a booth called "Mr. Lucky's Wheel of Fortune'..LOl and at another booth, there was a wreck of a car, and for a ticket you could sling a sledgehammer and try to knock off bits...
Was on stage crew for many shows...loved "My Fair Lady"...I did props. The set was in two huge parts that split in the middle. The stage crew was pushing them back together during a quick scene change and nearly smashed one of the flower carts.

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Dear Linda,

Happy blessed birthday wishes Linda. I hope that you are well and enduring this frigid weather. All the best to you. Have a fantastic birthday celebration. All the best for many more years to come.


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Dear Linda,

Happy blessed birthday wishes to you. We are gracefully climbing the ladder of life in years. I hope that you will be granted many more years to come. All the best to you for much more joy and good health.


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Jan 25, 2016 at 12:33 PM

Cathy was my best friend in high school.  I don't remember how we met, but we shared a locker and rode the bus together down Ridge Ave.  I got picked up in front of St. Frances Hospital and she got on at Madison or Monroe.

  Cathy's sister got us jobs the summer after sophomore year at the Allen Paper Company on Canal St. downtown.  We were given a can of Raid to use in case any roaches showed up while we did our job..packaging typewriter ribbons!  We would get dressed up to ride the train down to Union station, then change into "grubs" when we got to work.  $1.00/hour!

On Saturdays we often went down to the loop to "pick up" sailors. That was super easy to do, as there were hundreds of them taking their leave for the day from Great Lakes Naval Training Center. We'd hang out, have lunch, walk in the park and then hightail it home.  One Saturday, 2 sailors insisted on seeing us home.  We weren't keen on the idea..we had dates that night.  We couldn't discourage the sailors who stuck with us til we got to Cathy's house, and then were horrified to see that our dates were sitting on the front steps waiting for us.

They saw us being escorted by the Navy and took off.  Likewise, the sailors abruptly departed back to Great Lakes!  We were much more careful after that.


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Posted: Jan 24, 2016 at 1:34 PM